Scotiabank Arena Seating Plan 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price

Scotiabank Arena is one of the most famous indoor Arena of Canada and it is one of the largest Arena in terms of seating capacity. It is a multi-use indoor Arena and it is regularly used to post sporting events, political conventions, concerts, theatre, and other events. Air Canada Centre is the former name of the Arena and after the sponsorship, it is known as Scotiabank Arena. It is located in Ontario, Canada. This Arena can accommodate a maximum of 19800 guests and the seating capacity of the Arena depends on the type of the event. During the visit to the ACC Arena, visitors look for the Air Canada Centre seating chart with numbers to find their seats easily.

The construction of the original building was started in 1938 and reconstruction was started in 1997. It was opened to the public in 1999. This Arena was renovated in 2003 and 2015 to provide advanced facilities to the visitors and players. This Arena is mostly used for the hosting of Ice Hockey and basketball games in the sporting department. Raptors 905, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Marlies are the current tenants of this ground. This Arena is owned and managed by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. 40 Bay Street, Toronto is the address of Scotiabank Arena. Toronto Postal Delivery Building was the starting name of this indoor arena. In this article, we are sharing the Scotiabank Arena seating chart with rows for Ice Hockey, basketball, and concerts along with the ticket price list.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart 2024 Hockey

Air Canada Centre’s seating plan is very helpful in finding seats in this Arena. 18800 is the seating capacity of the Scotiabank Arena for Hockey matches and the standing capacity is 20270. It is a very big indoor Arena and with the help of Scotiabank Arena seating plan map, it is easy to find the seats.

Air Canada Centre Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart
Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart (Click for Detailed Map)

All the rows of the stadium are clearly depicted on the map with numbers and in different colours. The location of the pitch is clearly drawn on the map along with all the necessary facilities. The accessibility area, location of the lounge, ScotiaClub area, chill zone, Gondola, and entry gates are marked on the map. Scotiabank Arena seating chart with seat numbers is very helpful in finding the best view seats in the Arena before booking the tickets.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart 2024 Basketball

The seating arrangement for the basketball match is almost similar to the normal seating. 19800 guests can be seated in the Arena and with the standing configuration, it can accommodate 20511 guests. We have shared the Scotiabank Arena seating chart for Basketball matches.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart for Basketball with Seats and Rows
Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart for Basketball with Rows

All the important information of the arena along with stand numbers and rows are mentioned on the map. Scotiabank Arena seating chart with seat numbers for basketball is very helpful in finding seat numbers in this big Arena. All the entry Gates, location of accessibility seats, draught deck, ScotiaClub, premium entrance, etc are mentioned on the map.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart 2024 Concerts

The seating capacity of the ACC arena is similar to the basketball seating configuration. 19800 guests can be accommodated inside the arena for the concerts.

Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart for Concerts with Seats and Rows
Scotiabank Arena Seating Chart for Concerts with Rows

The location of the accessibility seats, stage for the concert, ScotiaClub seats, entry gates, premium entrance, etc are shown on the map. The location of the nearby streets is also shown on the map. Due to the addition of the stage, some of the stands behind the stage are non-usable. Scotiabank Arena seating chart with seat numbers and rows for concerts is very helpful during the hosting of High Voltage concerts inside this indoor Arena.

For Lacrosse games, the seating capacity is around 18800 and the seating layout is almost similar for this game. 5200 guests can be accommodated in this Arena for theatre play.

Scotiabank Arena Parking Map 2024

There are plenty of parking lots available near the arena to park thousands of cars. Two basement parking are located at the arena and they are reserved for the tenants and private suite holders. 4 accessibility parking lots are available on-site and these can be booked in advance by contacting Scotiabank Arena fan service.

Scotiabank Arena Parking Map
Scotiabank Arena Parking Map

More than 10 parking lots are available within 15-minute walking distance from the venue. Visitors can easily park their vehicles in this parking lot by paying a nominal fee. This place is very well connected with public transport options and it is advisable to use this method to reach here conveniently.

Scotiabank Arena Tickets Price 2024

The ticket rates of the Scotiabank Arena generally depend on many factors like demand of the event, view from the seat, facilities type of the event, etc. The starting ticket rate for Ice Hockey and basketball events generally starts from $80. The tickets are available in multiple price ranges. The concert ticket prices are normally in the starting range of $100 and they’re also available in multiple price denominations. Visitors can check the Scotiabank Arena ticket price list 2024 from the official ticket booking website or app. It is advisable for the visitors of this website to book Scotiabank tickets only from official sources.