Etihad Stadium Seating Plan2024, Manchester Etihad Stadium Tickets Price

Manchester City Etihad Stadium

City of Manchester stadium is situated at Etihad Campus, Manchester. This stadium is the home of Premier League Club Manchester City F.C. It is also known as Etihad stadium. Many concerts, events, tournaments, and championships are hosted in this stadium. This stadium was specially built to host the Common Wealth Games 2002. With the help of the Seating map of Manchester stadium, visitors can find the seat view from the pitch, Etihad stadium ticket prices are also variable from match to match.

The City of Manchester Stadium opened on 25th July 2002 as an athletics stadium and on 10th August 2003, it is converted to a football stadium. It is owned by Manchester City Council and operated by Manchester City F.C. The construction cost of the athletic stadium was £112 million after it was converted into a football stadium and maintenance additionally takes £42 million.

This stadium hosted the 2008 UEFA Final Cup, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Rugby League matches, Rugby League Magic Weekend 2012,2013,2014, the 2005 UEFA Women’s Championship, etc.

Etihad Stadium Seating Plan & Row

Etihad Stadium has a capacity of 55000 with an attendance recorded 54693 during the match between Manchester City and Leicester City in 2016. The city of Manchester stadium seating chart is helpful for those who want to know the view from the seat to the pitch. Many viewers with the help of a map can book tickets and select seats for their thrilling and cheering experience.

Manchester Etihad Stadium Seating Plan Rows
Manchester Etihad Stadium Seating Plan Rows

Etihad stadium had 255 wheelchair positions within the stadium.

For Home Supporter on Level 1 allotted positions 140, on Level 2 is 66 & on Level 3 is 28 positions and for visiting supporter on Level 1 allotted positions is 12 and on Level 2 is 9 positions in the stadium. In the stadium powered wheelchairs and powered scooters are available.

VIP and Executive Box facilities are available in around the stadium along with premium facilities such as food at the box and the best views from VIP and Executive box seats.

Manchester City Stadium Chart divided into the following stands

  1. East Stand
  2. South Stand
  3. The Colin Bell Stand
  4. North Stand (Family Stand)

The above stands are divided into per following tiers

  1. Longside Lower Tier: This tier provides the seating place near the pitch and nearest to watch the game and game players.
  2. Longside Upper Tier: These seats are covered in the Colin Bell stand and Eats stand. The Upper Tier provides the viewers good view from the height.
  3. Shortside Lower Tier: This area is situated behind the goal area on the both north and south stand.
  4. Shortside Upper Tier: On the short side upper tier is located in the south stand and it is the lowest-priced ticket in the stadium.
  5. Away Fans: In this zone stadium has 8 blocks in South East corner i.e. 111, 112, 113, 114, 211, 212, 213 & 214.
Etihad Stadium Manchester Standing Seating Plan for Concerts Events
Etihad Stadium Manchester Standing Seating Plan for Concerts Events

Manchester Etihad Stadium Ticket Price 2024

Etihad Stadium ticket prices are depending on the match to match. Prices of the matches are defined by the day and match type. Many Men’s team tickets, Women’s team tickets, hospitality, match day membership, and stadium tour tickets are available online and offline. Ticket prices for the City of Manchester stadium are in very high demand, in this stadium many tournaments, leagues, and championships are regularly held. Spectators can buy tickets online at

Many unauthorized sites scam the tickets if visitors buy tickets from untheorized sources, the ticket is treated as nil. Many people face fraud during ticket purchases, so it is best to book tickets online hassle-free through an authorized seller. Visitors can also buy the ticket over the phone at +44 (0)1614441894, phone booking required qualifying criteria with a booking fee of £2.50. Phone booking is open from Monday to Sunday from 08 AM to 08 PM.

Etihad Stadium Parking Map 2024 with Price

The parking space is available in the stadium. Recently Etihad stadium parking space was extended. Car parking is available only on pre-booking basis on match to match basis. The parking system uses auto number plate recognition (ANPR) on match days and events. ANPR system through the stadium database recognizes the number and allowed the vehicle in the parking.

Manchester Etihad Stadium Parking Map Plan Layout
Manchester Etihad Stadium Parking Map Plan Layout (Click on map for detailed map)

The above map of Etihad stadium is showing nearby roads, streets, area, entry gates, exit gates, etc. Parking lots, accessibility parking, bus stops, Metrolink stops, the Etihad stadium stands, cash machine, etc also depicted on the map.

The parking price for Etihad stadium is £8 for two or more passengers and £10 for single occupancy in season 2022/23. Members of the hospitality had car parking passes which is included in the packages.

Blue badge parking is also available in Orange and Blue car parks. Parking will be available on a first-come, first-served basis