Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Seating Map 2024 with Rows, Parking Map, Tickets Price, Booking

Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Australia

Hindmarsh Stadium is a multipurpose sports stadium located in Hindmarsh, Adelaide, Australia. Due to its location, this stadium is called Hindmarsh Stadium. The official name of the stadium is Coopers Stadium due to sponsorship right. Coopers Brewery got the naming right of the stadium. It is a very popular multipurpose sports stadium in Australia and this stadium hosts a variety of Sporting events and concerts on a regular basis. This stadium is mainly used for the hosting of football and Rugby games. Now this Stadium is in the limelight for the hosting of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. We are sharing the Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium seating plan with rows to locate seats in this Stadium easily.

The seating capacity of the stadium is 16500 and the capacity of the stadium will be increased for the upcoming World Cup. 120 x 80 meters is the field size of the stadium. Many important and historic matches were played in this stadium in the past. 18,430 is the record attendance of Coopers Stadium during the 2000 Olympic games. This Stadium got the hosting of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup matches. 5 matches of the world cup will be hosted in this Stadium from 24th July 2023 to 8th August 2023. 7 football games of the 2000 Olympics were also hosted in this stadium. During the big games, it is difficult to book Coopers Stadium tickets.

It is an old stadium in Australia and it was built in 1960. It was renovated in 2000 before the Olympics. The seating capacity of the stadium is 16500. This stadium is also renovated in 2023 for FIFA Women’s Football World Cup. This stadium is owned by South Australian Government and it is operated by Adelaide Venue Management Corporation.  Adelaide United football club is the main tenant of this ground. During the games, people look for Hindmarsh Stadium seating plan with seat numbers to find their seats easily in this big Stadium.

Hindmarsh Stadium Seating Plan with Rows 2024

Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Seating Plan with Stands and Rows
Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Seating Plan with Stands and Rows

The seating layout map of Coopers Stadium located in Hindmarsh is showing all the important details of the stadium. All the stands of the stadium along with the important areas are clearly depicted on the map. Corporate suites, lounge, platinum, gold, silver stands, family park, and fan village are also clearly marked on the map. The location of the Eastern Stand, Western Stand, Northern Stand, and Southern Stand is also drawn on the Hindmarsh stadium map. All the entry gates along with the VIP entrance, accessible entrance, and Club entrance of the stadium are clearly located on the map. The location of the nearby roads on the Coopers Stadium seating chart 2024 is helpful in reaching the stadium.

Coopers Stadium seating plan with rows and seat numbers is extremely helpful to find seats in this stadium. The setting layout map of the stadium is also helpful in booking the best view seats in the stadium.

Coopers Stadium Parking Map Hindmarsh

During the big games, it is difficult to park the vehicle near the stadium. The Coopers stadium is located in Hindmarsh and did not have any parking facility for their guests. Adelaide Entertainment Centre is the nearest parking lot from the stadium and it is 300 m away from Coopers Stadium. Around 1400 vehicles can be parked at this venue. Visitors who are planning to visit Hindmarsh Stadium should check the event schedule at Adelaide Entertainment Centre. If any event is scheduled at the Adelaide entertainment centre, the visitors of Coopers Stadium might not get a parking spot at Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Visitors are advised to use public transport to reach this venue. Parking facility is very limited and roads are very busy connecting to the venue at the time of event.

Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Parking Map
Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Parking Map

Coopers Stadium Tickets Price 2024

The ticket rates for Hindmarsh Stadium depend on many factors including the demand of the match, the view from the seat, stand type, and facilities. Hindmarsh Stadium tickets price generally start from $10 for football and Rugby matches scheduled in this stadium. The Coopers stadium tickets are available in multiple price ranges. Hindmarsh Stadium ticket price list 2024 can be checked on the official website before booking Coopers Stadium tickets.

Hindmarsh Coopers Stadium Tickets 2024

The tickets for the Coopers Stadium 2024 can be purchased from the official website and ticketek is the official website selling Hindmarsh Stadium tickets online. We are advising about visitors to book tickets only from the official website to save themselves from any potential scam. All the details regarding match tickets are available on the official website of the stadium and official ticket booking website.